Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Things That Make a Lay Person Want to Spit!

After seeing the Hoodlum Pastors short list of things that make a pastor want to cuss, I thought I would make a list of my own that truly makes me want to spit!

10 Things that make a lay person want to spit!

01. Preachers who insist on exalting themselves instead of magnifying Christ, they draw men's attention to them or their church instead of pointing to Christ and His cross.

02. Preachers who fail to rightly divide the Word of Truth and attempt to pass off some self-esteem psycho-babble as biblical preaching.

03. Preachers who talk about being a biblical man but have very little warmth in their speech or actions! They are not sensitive nor tender to the flock of God and are callous in their dealings with growing saints and say hateful things on their blog or facebook for the shock effect.

04. Preachers who think they actually need to promote sex within the church.

05. Preachers who are preoccupied with their image and physical appearance and make a point to boast about their Harley Davidson, you know; the cool dude.

06. Preachers who have a disdain for the word "DOCTRINE".

07. Preachers who start every sentence with "I believe", vs "thus saith the Lord" and always makes a point to use the buzz words. (un-churched, Christ-follower you know the words that don't offend lost sinners)

08. Preachers who proudly flaunt how different their church is from what has gone before and treat Christians from the past (and their hymns) with scorn.

09. Preachers who's hero is Rick Warren or Joel Osteen.

10. Preachers who are always promoting some new thing or novelty that will change my life forever.


I guess I got one more in me! Oh feel free to add your own list in the comments.

11. Preachers who want to cuss because of weak and shallow Christians who sit under weak and shallow preaching, now that really makes me want to spit!!!


Wayne Dawg said...

Here's one I would add....

A preacher who constantly asks the congregation to raise theirs hands if they have done a particular thing.....

Example: Raise your hand if you have ever been out shopping and get home and forgot the main thing you went shopping for in the first place.

I listened to a pastor do this at least ten times during a sermon a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hoodlum's in the pulpit makes me want to spit!

Bereanwarrior said...

Preachers that spend all week doing face time here and there, golf, fishing, hunting, etc... and then only spend an hour or two getting ready for the sermon on Sunday.

Preachers that know every verse in Scripture related to tithing, giving and alms but no nothing of sin, repentance or holiness.

Preachers that come out of years of "Bible" schools and seminaries that have no concept of what it means to serve the Lord.

Sisterlisa said...

I agree and this is why we no longer plant our 'membership' in an organized religion. We choose Christ as our Head and His Holy Spirit as our Teacher. John 14:26

I don't know if I have EVER met a REAL pastor, like the gift Paul speaks of in the Bible. To be a pastor is a GIFT, not a position to apply for like a job. "I will be a pastor" no thanks, God will lead the right man to the position of leading His people and it's not under an authoritarian communistic thumb.

A real pastor is Equal with the rest of the membership. Most 'pastors' take the top of the spine, closest to the Head. Most usurp Christ's authority over His Bride and that is flat out wrong!

People tend to forget that they CHOOSE who to fellowship and worship with. If the leader is leading wrong, get out. Too many Christians live in fear of leaving their 'churches'.

Cruci-Fide said...

Same as #2, but...

Preachers who claim to preach the Gospel, yet they never mention repentance, faith, the blood of Christ, the crucifixion, nor the resurrection. Rather their gospel is about "a decision to have a relationship with the Lord".

I stopped attending the last church where I was a member because of this. Our pastor stepped down and one from outside the church took his place. When I discussed with him the error I believed he was making, his response was, "If you're not onboard with what we're doing here, there are plenty of other churches around."

Thus my search began.

Angi said...

14. Preachers who do not practice what they preach. Who occupy a “bully pulpit” and are not an example to the sheep entrusted into their care. Expecting the sheep to be more than he is willing to be!

15. Preachers who do not have their own house in order, and this one should be #1. Whose children are unruly and even unsaved. How can they care for the house of God, when they cannot rule their own household.

16. Preachers who cannot handle money. Are in perpetual debt, personally. (this one may go with #15)

17. Preachers who do not love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave His own life for Her!

I may think of some more!