Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okaloosa or Bust!

If you start to wonder why I haven't posted in five or six days it could be that me and my wife will be laying around on the sunny beachs of Okaloosa Island, it's been almost ten years since the two of us have had a vacation without the children. Now that our youngest son has graduated high school and is working to save money for college he will be staying behind to tend to the house and the dog. Please pray for his safety while we are away from him and for us to have a safe and uneventful trip there and back. We praise God that we are able to spend this private time together in God's Word. The picture is an actual photo taken in front of the resort we will be staying at.

Satan is Sovereign

When you think of the Charismatic movement, you may think of speaking in tongues, or healings, or Benny Hinn knocking people down, or Oral Roberts begging for money and other strange things like that. But there are some underlying things in the Charismatic worldview that are really very, very terrifying. For instance in this movement there is one thing that really dominates their worldview, and it is that Satan is sovereign. If you get sick, it was the devil. If your child gets sick, it was the devil. And even if your child dies Satan somehow got the victory. If your spouse, your husband or your wife gets cancer, the devil must have done that. If you had an accident, the devil did it. If you lost your job, the devil caused that to happen. If things don't go the way you want them to go in your company or your family or you loose your job or get a divorce then the devil is to blame for all that is wrong in your life.

The devil dominates everything, and he is assisted by this massive force of demons who also have to be dealt with, and you have got to do everything you can to try and overcome these spiritual powers, and they are powerful, and they are really impossible for you to deal with on any permanent basis, so it is a never ending ongoing struggle with the devil and his demons. So now you are force to deal with the devil and so you have got to learn all these little formulas on how to bind the devil in Jesus name, because if you don't bind the devil then he is really going to get control of everything in your life.

Christians who buy into this false biblical teaching are really being held captive to a spirit of fear and terror, they think that everything that has gone wrong in the entire universe was basically because of the devil. They hold to the belief that the devil is really sovereign in everything and even God is struggling like crazy to overcome him. The fact is, God is in control of everything! This is the total opposite of the worldview presented under Charismatic teachings. God is in control of everything. When you get sick, or when somebody gets cancer, or when something goes wrong in the world, or when you lose your job. This is not outside the purposes of God, in fact, 'God works all things together for good' (Romans 8:28). This teaching is absolutely earth shaking to the uneducated Charismatic. Satan is not in charge of history; God is in charge of everything and at all times, God is the one who is Sovereignty not Satan.

Excerpt modeled after a message delivered at The Master's College, by John MacArthur, titled "Laying the Foundations of Eschatology, Part 3".

Friday, June 29, 2007

Favorite Sermons

This is a short list of some of my favorite sermons by my favorite pastors. I hold these sermons dear to my heart because of the biblical truth's that these godly men have revealed in these messages. All messages are free downloads except John MacArthur's but it is only a $3.00 download and well worth the money.

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation: by John MacArthur
Sex and the Supremacy of Christ: by John Piper
Life Verses, Guide Posts and Warning Signs: by Paul Washer
Divine Grace vs. Human Pride: by Phil Johnson
The Eternal Security of the Believer, Part 1: by Jonathan Sims

Quote of the Day

I’m a Calvinist because I want a theology that removes all grounds of human boasting. And the last removal is the Sovereignty of God in the free and unconditional giving of faith to whom He pleases. – John Piper, Justification by Faith is the End of Boasting

What Do Mormons Believe?

Are Mormons Christians? invited Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., who serves as the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world to debate the issue of are Mormons Christians with Orson Scott Card, a prominent Mormon author. The exchange is already interesting and we will see how it develops. You can find the debate here. The comments section is starting to heat up as well.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Clappy Church

On this weeks broadcast of the White Horse Inn, the hosts discuss the character of Christian proclamation, especially in the context of unbelievers. Joining in this conversation is William Willimon, author of Peculiar Speech and The Intrusive Word. This is a great broadcast that really tackles the methods of modern evangelism in the current happy clappy consumer mentality of church's today. ( Download )

I just can't believe that alleged evangelical pastors today who bring in movie clips, contemporary music and bring all this in and act like this stuff is innocent. - William Willimon

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Faith, Hope, and Love

The death of Jesus on the cross was not just an incident in His life - it was the purpose of His life. The death of Jesus on the cross is the center and soul of all the graces, which the Holy Spirit, through the pen of Paul, summarizes as "Faith, Hope, and Charity (Love)."

FAITH looks back to the cross of Jesus and sees Him there as our sin-bearer.

LOVE looks up to the throne of God and testifies, "He loved me, and gave Himself for me!"

HOPE looks beyond the cross - beyond the sufferings - to the glory, and sees the Lamb, seated at the right hand of God the Father. One day we will be with Him and in that glorious day we shall be like Him!

Faith rest upon the foundation of the finished work of Jesus. Just before He died He said, "It is finished." We love him because He first loved us, and laid His life down for us on the cross. We look for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Excerpt taken from "The Gospel of Grace" by Oliver B. Greene, p. 45. The Gospel Hour, Inc., Copyright, 1965.

Outstanding Resource

Just wanted to give a heads up to a great blog on the Internet that I have found to be an outstanding resource with a treasure of information on video, audio and great articles it's called "Recover The Gospel" located at, I highly recommend checking out the audio player on their site. I have already added this blog to my google reader. Thanks guys!!!

The Gospel of Greed

Monday, June 25, 2007

Arminian Prayer

You have heard a great many Arminian sermons, I dare say; but you never heard an Arminian prayer—for the saints in prayer appear as one in word, and deed and mind. An Arminian on his knees would pray desperately like a Calvinist. He cannot pray about free-will: there is no room for it. Fancy him praying,

"Lord, I thank thee I am not like those poor presumptuous Calvinists. Lord, I was born with a glorious free-will; I was born with power by which I can turn to thee of myself; I have improved my grace. If everybody had done the same with their grace that I have, they might all have been saved. Lord, I know thou dost not make us willing if we are not willing ourselves. Thou givest grace to everybody; some do not improve it, but I do. There are many that will go to hell as much bought with the blood of Christ as I was; they had as much of the Holy Ghost given to them; they had as good a chance, and were as much blessed as I am. It was not thy grace that made us to differ; I know it did a great deal, still I turned the point; I made use of what was given me, and others did not—that is the difference between me and them."
That is a prayer for the devil, for nobody else would offer such a prayer as that. Ah! when they are preaching and talking very slowly, there may be wrong doctrine; but when they come to pray, the true thing slips out; they cannot help it.

Excerpt taken from a sermon delivered on Sabbath Morning, December 2, 1855, by the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel, Southwark titled "Free Will - A Slave".

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Evening Hymn

If you haven't spent the cash on the latest Fernando Ortega CD titled "The Shadow of Your Wings: Hymns and Sacred Songs" you are truly missing a blessing, the song "Sing to Jesus" which is one of my favorite on the disc is really the gospel put to music as it speaks of the Holiness, the Death, the Resurrection, and the Ascension of Christ and the sinfulness of man. You can buy the CD through Fernando's website here.

Come and see, look on this mystery
The Lord of the Universe, nailed to a tree
Christ our God, spilling His Holy blood
Bowing in anguish, His sacred head

Sing to Jesus, Lord of our shame
Lord of our sinful hearts.
He is our great Redeemer.
Sing to Jesus, Honor His name.
Sing of His faithfulness, pouring His life out unto death

Come you weary and He will give you rest
Come you who mourn, lay on His breast
Christ who died, risen in Paradise
Giver of mercy, Giver of Life

Sing to Jesus His is the throne
Now and forever,
He is the King of Heaven.
Sing to Jesus, we are His own.
Now and forever sing for the love our God has shown.

Sing to Jesus, Lord of our shame
Lord of our sinful hearts.
He is our great Redeemer.
Sing to Jesus, Honor His name.

Sing to Jesus His is the throne
Now and forever,
He is the King of Heaven.
Sing to Jesus, we are His own.
Now and forever sing for the love our God has shown.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Devil Called Preachers

I dare not touch God’s anointed, but I do not hesitate to say that the dirtiest gang of thieves this side of Hell are the Gospel-denying, compromising liberals and modernists who deny the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures and preach to please people instead of preaching the Word as it is laid down in the Bible.

Hell will be hotter for these preachers than for ordinary sinners who sat in the pews and listened to their social gospel. Oh yes, there will be preachers in Hell (II Cor. 11:13–15). Just as surely as God has God-called preachers, the Devil has Devil-called preachers.

There is no need to blame Hollywood and the liquor crowd for the mess in which we find the world today. The blame lies at the doorsteps of sissy, compromising, back-scratching, ear-tickling, "denomination-pecked" preachers who know the truth yet refuse to preach it for fear that they might hurt someone’s feelings.

Excerpt taken from a sermon preached by Oliver B. Greene (1915-1976) titled "Unpopular Preachers"

Ecstatic Baptist? Part 5

The Rev. Dwight McKissic who has been at odds with the leadership of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary over the practice of speaking in tongues has resigned from the school's board of trustees. McKissic said in a resignation letter that he has been "distracted and consumed" by the controversy and needs to refocus on his family and church, The Dallas Morning News reported on its Web site Thursday night. ( Full Article )

In October, trustees voted 36-1 against any promotion of "private prayer language" at the school. McKissic, was the lone dissenter. I guess it's 36-0 now. I would suggest that the Rev. refocus on the Word of God.

Worse Than Pelagianism

"To believe in the power of man in the work of regeneration is the great heresy of Rome, and from that error has come the ruin of the Church. Conversion proceeds from the grace of God alone, and the system which ascribes it partly to man and partly to God is worse than Pelagianism" (The Reformation in England (London, 1962), Vol. 1, p. 98)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Poisoning The Well

In the past week or so I have noticed a growing trend in the media which seems bent on discrediting the inspiration of the Bible in every area of evangelicalism and just thought they could use a little enlightenment by J. C. Ryle.

We corrupt the Word of God most dangerously, when we throw any doubt on the absolute inspiration of any part of Holy Scripture. This is not merely corrupting the cup, but the whole fountain. This is not merely corrupting the bucket of living water, which we profess to present to our people, but poisoning the whole well. Once wrong on this point, the whole substance of our religion is in danger. It is a flaw in the foundation. It is a worm at the root of our theology. Once we allow this worm to gnaw the root, then we will not be surprised if the branches, the leaves, and the fruit, decay little by little. The whole subject of inspiration, I am well aware, is surrounded with difficulty. All I would say is, that, in my humble judgment, notwithstanding some difficulties which we may not be able now to solve, the only safe and tenable ground to maintain is this--that every chapter, and every verse, and every word in the Bible has been "given by the inspiration of God." We should never desert a great principle in theology any more than in science, because of apparent difficulties which we are not able at present to remove. —J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Excerpt taken from a sermon that was preached in England, in August, 1858. titled "Not Corrupting the Word" by J.C. Ryle

Friday, June 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

In light of the recent resolution approved this week at the annual SBC meeting to tackle the issue of global warming. I would just like to go on record as saying that,

"I don't believe God is worried about global warming gentlemen". - John Pipes (1966-?)

The Root of Bitterness

After listening to the entire audio series of the previous post it's apparent that many Arminian doctrines have overrun our church's almost overnight as Baptist pastors continue to drift further away from the foundational doctrines that the Baptist faith was originally founded on, and I wonder what is the driving force behind this self-willed movement of this freewill debate and where does it originate from? I came across this quote by Horatius Bonar and thought it really exposes this freewill doctrine for what it truly is.

"In all this opposition to the absolute will of God, we see the self-will of the last days manifesting itself. Man wanted to be a god at the first, and he continues the struggle to the last. He is resolved that his will shall take the precedence of God's. In the last Antichrist, this self-will shall be summed up and exhibited. He is the king that is to do 'according to his will'. And in the freewill controversy of the day, we see the same spirit displayed. It is Antichrist that is speaking to us, and exhorting us to proud independence. Self-will is the essence of anti-christian religion. Self-will is the root of bitterness, that is springing up in the churches in these days. And it is not from above, it is from beneath. It is earthly, sensual, devilish." - Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Typical Arminian

In the inaugural Theology Talk, Jim McClarty and Jeff Young, of Grace Christian Assembly, sat down to discuss a recent anti-Calvinist message, preached by pastor Brady Cooper who is the senior pastor at New Vision Baptist Church located in Murfreesboro, TN. Jim and Jeff carefully and respectfully point out the assumptions, misrepresentations, and "straw man arguments" that are very typical of the Arminian approach to Scripture that seems to be so rampant in the SBC today. You can download this five part audio series HERE.

"What the Arminian wants to do is to arouse man's activity: what we want to do is to kill it once for all---to show him that he is lost and ruined, and that his activities are not now at all equal to the work of conversion; that he must look upward. They seek to make the man stand up: we seek to bring him down, and make him feel that there he lies in the hand of God, and that his business is to submit himself to God, and cry aloud, 'Lord, save, or we perish.' We hold that man is never so near grace as when he begins to feel he can do nothing at all. When he says, 'I can pray, I can believe, I can do this, and I can do the other,' marks of self-sufficiency and arrogance are on his brow."

"Arminianism is thus guilty of confusing doctrines and of acting as an obstruction to a clear and lucid grasp of the Scripture; because it mis-states or ignores the eternal purpose of God, it dislocates the meaning of the whole plan of redemption. Indeed confusion is inevitable apart from this foundational truth [of election]." - C. H. Spurgeon

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Blessed Hope

I'm convinced that today's church will never overcome this current state of apathy until it learns to walk in light of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

"Nothing but the blessed hope of Christ's glorious appearing, and of our being partakers of the glory when He appears, can draw us away from and lift us upward from among the temptations, and cares, and enjoyments of the present scene." - W. H. Hewitson (1812-1850)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Neither am I!

I must confess that I am often still frustrated with the Southern Baptist Convention! I tire of denominational politics and the liberal strongholds that most state conventions still operate under even today, I am nauseated by the fact that the "model church" that is being held up as the example by our denomination today is the seeker friendly model. It saddens and sickens me that by and large our denomination has forsaken the exposition of Scripture. I am also deeply troubled by our denomination's lust for numbers at almost any cost. I really do believe we have some threats looming in our denomination today that are far greater than what we faced in the 70's through the 90's.

But as I read of Southern Baptist men of the past.... as I read my Bible.... as I exegete Scripture I have made a wonderful discovery on my own.... to the core of my bone marrow I really am a Baptist! Not because of heritage or lineage but because of the Bible!

Fifteen years plus of exposition of Scripture has led me to the conclusion that the Baptist faith is New Testament Christianity! Fifteen years of exposition has affirmed my being a Baptist Fifteen years of diligent study of the Word of God has caused me to see why I am a Baptist. - Jonathan W. Sims, Pastor Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church

Charles Spurgeon once said, "I am not ashamed to take to myself the name Baptist." Neither am I!

Excerpt taken from "Membership Information Class Study Guide of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church", Shelbyville, Tennessee

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Quote of the Day

"If the world has never been ejected from your heart, if you have never been crucified to it, then the love of God is not there; if the love of God is absent, then you are a stranger to the new birth." - Octavius Winslow, 1808-1878

The Prosperity Gospel

Friday, June 08, 2007

Watch Out!

This quote brings to mind so many of the so called televangelists that we see today that one must understand that behind their plausible speech and the smooth demeanor that they display is a serious false teaching that promotes worldly passions that will inevitably enslave the minds of all those that follow them.

"Watch out for smooth talkers who pastor large churches, write many books, lead wide ministries, and do not manifestly prize above their earthly good the whole counsel of God." - John Piper

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Going, Going, Gone?

Is Your Church Going Purpose Driven? How Can You Tell? In the past ten years a large percentage of churches in America, and in other countries, have changed from a traditional New Testament church model to a contemporary Purpose Driven model, many with sorrowful results. Contrary to Purpose Driven Church propaganda, millions have been leaving their churches after the change occurred. It is important that every church member know if their church is targeted for a Purpose Driven Church takeover or already overrun by it.

25 Purpose Driven Warning Signs
1. Change in the music to a more contemporary rock style, and/or a new worship minister with rock star like credentials.

2. Removal of hymn books; installation of a Jumbo screen, and the eliminating of the choir in favor of a praise team of just five or six people.

3. Replacement of the organ and piano with heavy metal instruments.

4. Repetitive singing of praise lyrics.

6. Eliminating of business meetings, church committees, council of elders, board of deacons, etc.

7. The pastor, or a new leader with a few assistants, usually four, takes charge of all church business.

8. The pastors sermons start stressing psychological relationships with each other in order to build a bridge to the community, or the world.

9. Funded budgeted programs are abandoned, or ignored, with ambiguous financial reports made.

10. Sunday morning, evening, and/or Wednesday prayer meetings are changed to other times; some may even be eliminated altogether.

11. Sunday School teachers are moved to different classes, or replaced by new teachers more sympathetic with the changes being implemented.

12. The name “Sunday school” is dropped and classes are given new names like "Small Groups" or "The Porch", or "The Living Room", or some other subtle name that removes any notion of a place of learning.

13. Crosses and other traditional Christian symbols may be moved from both the inside and outside of the church building. The pulpit may also be removed.

14. New versions of the Bible are used; or only verses flashed on a screen are referenced during regular services.

15. Movie clips, and drama skits precede the message or are used during regular services.

16. The decor is drastically changed with multi-color paint and/or lots of plasma TVs.

17. The word “church” is often taken from the name of the church, and the church may be called a “campus.” Denominational names may also be removed.

18. An emphasis on more fun and party sessions for the youth.

19. Elimination of altar calls or salvation invitations at the close of the services.

20. The elimination of such words as unsaved, lost, sin, Hell, Heaven, and other gospel verities from the pastor’s messages.

21. The reclassification of the saved and lost to the “churched” and “unchurched”, or "members" and "nonmembers".

22. The marginalizing, and/or ostracizing, of all who are not avid promoters of the new way of doing church.

23. Closed meetings between the pastor or chosen staff members without any reports made to the general membership.

24. Open hostility to members who do not openly embrace the new program, or who may have left for another church even from the pulpit.

25. A big emphasis is placed on dressing down.

List is from a brochure (some additions are included) titled "Is Your Church Purpose-Driven?" available in (.pdf file) over at

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pop Christianity

Have you ever wonder why our local churches are fast becoming these huge comfort zones that look more like Christian country clubs, or a Christian community center with almost no redemptive impact in the lives of those that attend and presents little or no threat against sin? Dr. John MacArthur weighs in on this very topic.

"Theological liberalism attacks the church head on, it's very easy to see it, it's very easy to deal with it. But the pop church gives lip service to the truth while quietly undermining it. Popular Christianity has a tendency to make the basis of faith something other than the Word of God. The basis of faith now is experience. The basis of faith is emotion. The basis of faith is solving problems, it's the need theology again. The Charismatic Movement has led the way with a new basis of faith and that is private revelation, private words from God, private insights, private prophecies, private visions and so forth. Secular psychology has been somewhat quasi sanctified and offers self‑help therapy that also reflects this drift away from the Word of God as the basis of the living of the Christian life. Christian ministry has become riddled from top to bottom with pragmatism, with manipulation, with professionalism, with consumerism, all of those things indicate a less than biblical foundation to our faith.

And along that line the focus of pop Christianity and the pop church has not only moved away from the biblical basis of faith but it has moved away from the person of Jesus Christ. That needs to be stressed. Something or someone else is on center stage, not Christ. It is the celebrity, it is the evangelist, it is the project, it the fund‑raising campaign, it is the new building, it is the miracles supposedly, it is the so‑ called healings, it is anything and everything but Jesus Christ. And we have a pop Christianity that is not Christ centered and not biblically based. It has a new basis of faith, it is a new object of affection. They are in love with the celebrity, they are in love with the system, they are in love with the building, the facility, the program, or whatever. There is sort of fantasy faith, not affixed on Christ, but a sort of nebulous faith that wants to attach itself to miracles, healings, health, wealth, prosperity, comfort, personal gain. And, of course, in that kind of environment, easy believism, a cheap gospel flourishes...flourishes. And we have to ask ourselves: where is that strong faith? Where is that Christ‑centered faith that stands and holds its ground in the midst of hard trials? Rather than that fragile emotionalism called faith that is little more than selfish escapism. Christ is not the message any longer. Though He is named from time to time, the focus is on man, man is the message and how man can solve his problems and live a more comfortable life is the issue. The pop Christian focus of the church is least of all interested in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ because that would be to end their enjoyable trip on this particular pop train."
Excerpt taken from a sermon by John MacArthur titled "The Christian's Duty in a Hostile World, Pt. 1". You can read the entire transcript here or download the audio file here.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Old Paths

I received my first copy of The Old Paths magazine today and oh what a breath of fresh air it is to have such a rich legacy of Christian thought and history right in the palm of my hands every month for free. Praise God for the staff at Old Paths magazine. The Old Paths Magazine is a free monthly periodical that is made available for the entire body of Christ and you to can sign up for your free monthly subscription over at

"What do you crave? A crown? Then it must be a crown of thorns if you are to be like him. Do you want to be lifted up? So you shall, but it will be upon a cross." -C.H. Spurgeon

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Truth is Truth

The old saying go's Truth is Truth whether you believe it or not.
John MacArthur tells it like it is.

Only the Cross

We human beings are born boasters. There seems to be something in our inherited constitution which inclines us to boasting. We seem to need to glory in something, in order to inflate our ego. In consequence, we boast of our education, our possessions, our success, our reputation, even our piety. We find it hard to learn C. H. Spurgeon's dictum "Be not proud of race, face, place, or grace."

But in the last resort there is only one alternative before us. Either we glory in ourselves and in our own achievements, or we glory in Christ and in His achievement on the cross. There is no possibility of compromise. A hallmark of authentic evangelical Christianity is that we glory only in the cross.

Excerpt taken from "Evangelical Truth" Revised Edition by John Stott copyright 1999

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Signs of Liberalism

Today's Christian has to search long and hard to find a true bible teaching church that isn't tainted in some form or fashion by the liberal mind set that is so dominant in today's world. This little outline should help you spot this hideous error that has over run so many church's within the SBC.

1. Liberals speak a lot about unity but never define unity around biblical truth. Unity to the liberal mind is void and absent of the Bible. It in essence means they want "freedom from" authority. This is the unified theme of the liberals, it is not unity around biblical truth.

2. Liberals hate authority in various forms. They often gossip about leaders, spread stories about pastors, and refuse to talk to those whom they have problems with face to face with an open Bible in the hand to determine truth. They spread their ideas elusively.

3. Liberals do not teach on essential doctrines, they fail to teach verse by verse through sections of the Bible, and they believe in many interpretations to passages of the Bible.

4. Liberals talk about a love that means we should not judge others, and this means they will not exercise nor accept the Bible teaching on church discipline or accountability. They are deceptive with their language, and they redefine love without any accountability, and they do so because they do not want anyone to hold them to any standard of truth. In essence they want to be their own god!

Excerpt taken from an article titled "Liberalism in the Southern Baptists" over at Essential Christianity Ministries.

The Coming King

Should we say, "perhaps you should try Jesus as you savior" ...almost with a consumer market oriented mentality"?. "There are lots of religious options and if you try this particular religious option you might like it." ... No... rather, Jesus is Lord and he will soon be invading with His armies. He is offering pardon in advance of His invasion and should you receive the pardon and ally yourself with Him now before He invades, when he comes you will be considered His ally and He will raise you to Kingship. The alternative is to be under the wrath of the king. It is not some kind of religious option. It is an announcement that a new king is on the throne and he'll be invading. The gospel is not an invitation to an array of a buffet style of choices, it is a command. Will you heed the command? Jesus is Lord, repent and believe. -William Wilder