Monday, September 27, 2010

Being Balanced

There are times when I find myself in a situation where if I say what I believe then I am sure I'll alienate some people, but do I say what I believe based on internal principles or do I succumb to the external pressure and let them hear what they'd rather hear or say nothing at all and let them think I'm on the same page as they are or speak from conviction and let the chips fall where they may? I truly have no desire on my part in any way to alienate a brother or sister in Christ simply based on my own preferences but my goal is simply to stand on the Word of God and the principles laid down in scripture as best as I know how too. Sometimes there's a sense in which people may think your all about the negative rather than the positive. I know that one of the hardest things for me in the Christian walk is reminding myself to stay balanced so that I don't make myself an undesirable person, because I know there is no chance of me ever becoming a mushy man-pleaser, just not wired that way (must have been my military training?). The Biblical message is both negative (Law) and positive (Gospel) and it is always negative first in order to strip us of our human pride so that we might see our need of a savior and then the positive is presented that it might rescue us from our dreadful state. Please be patient with me in my sanctification process as I sincerely seek the grace of Christ to be more Biblically balanced.