Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Emergent Way?

The postmodern mind set has so invaded every area of society that it's almost impossible not to see it's effect everywhere I go. Below is actually my employer's company motto that they want us not to just work at but they even seem to want us to live by it, they call it The COMPANYNAME Way. I have had this new slogan staring at me for several months now, and I thought; you know there maybe a Emergent Church out there some where that could use some of these statements in their Church by laws, just change a few words around to suit your Church needs and presto, The Emergent Way.

Be Cross-Functional, Cross-Cultural: Be open and show empathy towards different views, welcome diversity.

Be Transparent: Be clear, be simple, no vagueness and no hiding.

Be a Learner: Be passionate, learn from every opportunity to help create a learning company.

Be Frugal: Achieve maximum results with minimum resources.

Be Competitive: No complacency, focus on the competition and continuous benchmarking.

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