Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disgusting Character

"Your favourite subjects are God's eternal purposes, absolute sovereignty, unchangeable love and distinguishing grace and yet, you neglect the clearest precepts and most important duties of God's Word. Your life is characterized by pride, covetousness, anger, malice and all kinds of other unholy passions, which make you a scandal to Christianity and cause the godly to be sorrowful. What a grievous condition to be in! You may argue with others in seeking to vindicate divine sovereignty but it will do no good, either to others or yourself. It is clear that you are an enemy in your heart and a rebel in your life against the sovereign God whose rights you claim to uphold. By neglecting his precepts and transgressing his laws, you virtually deny his absolute authority and renounce his supreme dominion. You obey the law of your own sinful lusts and pursue worldly pleasure. You do not love your Maker and Lord, neither do you serve him. May that omnipotent, sovereign grace, which you talk about without experiencing it, deliver and save your soul. Truly, it would be hard to find a more disgusting character outside of hell than you." —Abraham Booth (1734-1806)

Excerpt taken from the The Reign of Grace, by Abraham Booth

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