Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doctrines Deliver


Amy said...

Faith comes to the believer as a gift from God. It is not something that individuals are capable of mustering up on their own. Were faith a work of man's own doing, man would be in a position to take partial credit for his redemption.
Praise God for His Almighty power.
a voice crying out..........

patrickc said...

great thoughts: "a dead man cannot choose God. God has to choose him".

"God is the Initiator, we are the responders".

"We were chosen before the foundation of the world", which means we were not even around yet to have any input or influence on His choice....we could only respond to it.

"God's the Soul Winner, I'm the witness".

This Pastor is a jewel among a beach-head full of yawn-inspiring teaching that is coming from so many pulpits every week. What a life-changing and liberating word he has been blessed to proclaim!

The Bororean said...

Hey is that you Mr. Canfield? If so then you know it's my pastor and yes a jewel indeed.

patrickc said...

Hey brother....yes, that's me! And yes, he is a blessing. And I love your site and the other resources you have linked...great job!

thanks again!

Free Indeed,