Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gospel Thunder

I would like to introduce you to Brother Randall Easter who is the pastor at First Baptist Church of Briar, TX and I am honored to have met him and his lovely wife Bev and even more grateful for being able to sit under him as he thundered the Gospel. Brother Randall just finished preaching our Fall Outreach Revival 2009 here at Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church and my heart is just about to burst with joy, so I must share these messages for MP3 download via I also want to thank the fine folks at First Baptist Church of Briar, TX for letting us love on Brother Randall as he ministered to us this week!

The Suffering Servant
Encouragement For The Church
Our Identity In Christ
You Must Be Born From Above


Anonymous said...

Felt a very strong kindred spirit From My brother Randall. Iron was very sharpened proverbs 27:17. I give God all the glory for the best preachers (BROTHERS) i ever heard since i have been with SMBC. Thank you Jesus for your (You) Gospel.

Wayne Dawg said...

Downloading now!

The Bororean said...

Can you give some feedback Dawg?

Wayne Dawg said...


I have just listened to the Jonah sermon and I was blown away.

This is one of the best sermons I have heard in quite a while and THE best sermon I have ever heard on Jonah.

Bro. Randall is truly annointed through out this sermon. A few times I would stop working and just sit here pondering what he just said.

This sermon should be heard by the professing church in relation to many things....

A - our walk with God.
B - our evangelism obedience.
C - true biblical repentance.
D - God's sovereignty over all things.
E - God's impending wrath.
F - God's longsuffering and mercy.
G - God's concern over mankind

Truly a great, great sermon that everyone should hear.

I will be listening to 'Our identity in Christ' this afternoon.

The Bororean said...

Be sure to listen to "You Must Be Born From Above" he makes a profound statement about Jonah that I have never heard before.

Wayne Dawg said...

Ok - I after you made that statement I had to listen to that one next.

Well, I see why he is almost alone in that camp.

The Scriptures do not say that Jonah died. In fact, the Scriptures record Jonah's prayer from the fish. I guessJonah could have died after sufferring in the fish for a few hours.......but Scripture doesn't say that and I would have never made that connection myself.

I can see how Easter makes the connection from what Jesus say's about Jonah and Himself. But I would never had said that he died based on the Scripture reading itself.

The Bororean said...

Yea, I wouldn't have either... But it does provide some food for thought.