Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Filth in My Heart

“When I look into my heart and take a view of its wickedness, it looks like an abyss infinitely deeper than Hell. And it appears to me that, were it not for free grace, exalted and raised up to the infinite height of all the fullness of the great Jehovah, and the arm of His grace stretched forth in all the majesty of His power and in all the glory of His sovereignty, I should appear sunk down in my sins below Hell itself. It is affecting to think how ignorant I was when a young Christian, of the bottomless depths of wickedness, pride, hypocrisy, and filth left in my heart.” —Jonathan Edwards (1703 – 1758)


Anonymous said...

Excellent quote brother. Edwards is always food to my soul. keep up the good work, your labor is not in vain!

Anonymous said...

although I look forward to heaven, I thank God for each day of my earthly sanctification so that I might appear just a little less wretched when I stand before Him.

Anonymous said...

It is true of the report told of my heart and the half was not told.Thank You Master for Grace!