Sunday, April 06, 2014

Around the Horn

A roundup of the latest Christian news, blog post, sermons, videos, etc. that are making headlines in Christian culture this week

1. Great blog post by Elisha Galotti who ask the question Do I want to be a wonderful Christian? Or do I want Christ Himself?

2. What lessons can we learn from World Visions support and then unsupport of Gay Marriage by Jesse Johnson over at Criplegate.

3. Speaking of homosexuality, is that really the controversy at hand? Jonathan Parnell has posted an article on what the real controversy is over at Desiring God.

4. Great sermon by Gervase Charmley titled "Salvation Through an Intercessor" from Genesis chapter 19.

5. Should we really be surprised when a Mormon praises a heretical book by a Southern Baptist preacher?

6. Thom Rainer president of LifeWay published a misleading list of "twenty of the most influential evangelicals in America". Really Thom, is that helpful?

7. I've always had my suspicions of Liberty University and Benny Hinn isn't helping my suspicions any and to be honest neither does their released statement.

8. Tim Challies is doing a series on some of history's greatest false teachers. You might be surprised to learn how these false teachings are still being taught today.

9. Ligonier Ministries is giving away the audio book of R.C.Sproul’s 'The Truth of the Cross'.

10. A couple reviews of the movie 'Noah' one by Ken Ham and Denny Burk.

"Keep out of your life whatever keeps Christ out of your mind." —Doris Ann Henderson (1938-2012), my Mother in-law

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