Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fine White Linen

I heard David Miller (country preacher at large) quote this from memory and I don't know if he wrote it or if he quoted it from someone else but I wanted to share it, if anyone knows the source please let me know. I have tried to transcribe it the best that I could so it may not be exact, but what a wonderful picture of God's Grace!

Revelation 19:8 "Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear."

I saw a poor poor woman and clothed in rags was she
So full of dark uncleanness and foul impurities
With wounds and bruises grievous and sins of crimson red
A stench to God Almighty with interest passing death
Unrighteous sinful rags was all she had to wear

I saw the king of glory come from his home on high
To save her from her sinfulness and take her for his bride
Dressed in His robes of righteousness so pure and holy He
The joy of God His Father throughout eternity

A cruel crown of thorns was what He came to wear
The woman heard of Jesus and trembled in despair
She gazed upon her garments each gaping ragged tear
She wept in deep contrition and deep repentance too
It was her sin that clothed her soul and this the woman knew
Unholy, sin stained rags was all she had to wear

The King came to the woman and called her by her name
But she did weep and hide her face and hanged her head in shame
He told her of His love for her and how he came to die
To save her from her sinfulness and take her for his wife

Dear Lord, she cried in gratitude, why have you chosen me
To show my love and grace He said, throughout eternity
God's holy wrath for her was what He came to bear
But Lord, said she I am not fit, what of my sinful clothes
He said, put on my righteousness and you must give me those

I saw them on their wedding day, the morn of endless time
The poor poor woman shining bright in righteousness divine
What praises from the multitude like pills of thunder rang
The host of heaven cried aloud, this is what they sang

Fine linen bright and clean was given her to wear
Fine linen bright and clean was given her to wear
Fine white linen bright and clean was given her to wear

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I too have been looking for this song or hymn, outside of brother Miller I have not found any sources. This song is singable to the tune of the Hymn " There is a fountain filled with blood" Try it and let me know. Also I too transcribed it from another talk he gave and it has 1 or 2 different lines I can email you if you like.
In His Gracious Sovereign care
Ronnie Sopena