Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spurgeon on Lakeland

With all the hoopla going on in Lakeland, FL; I thought it would be a good idea to present a biblical definition of what a true revival is; from the Prince of Preachers.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon"If revival is confined to living men we may further notice that it must result from the proclamation and the receiving of living truth. We speak of "vital godliness," and vital godliness must subsist upon vital truth. Vital godliness is not revived in Christians by mere excitement, by crowded meetings, by the stamping of the foot, or the knocking of the pulpit cushion, or the delirious bawlings of ignorant zeal; these are the stock in trade of revivals among dead souls, but to revive living saints other means are needed. Intense excitement may produce a revival of the animal, but how can it operate upon the spiritual, for the spiritual demands other food than that which stews in the fleshpots of mere carnal enthusiasm. The Holy Ghost must come into the living heart through living truth, and so bring nutriment and stimulant to the pining spirit, for so only can it be revived. This, then, leads us to the conclusion that if we are to obtain a revival we must go directly to the Holy Ghost for it, and not resort to the machinery of the professional revival-maker." —C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

Excerpt taken from the December 1866 issue of the Sword and Trowel article titled "
What Is a Revival?" by C. H. Spurgeon


Joseph A. said...

I guess it's because of how young I am, but I've only heard of Spurgeon as of recently, and the wisdom God gifted him with is astounding. The passion given to him very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Mr. Spurgeon had quite a way with words. It pushes me to read more of his work.