Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Gospel Bookstore

Today I was able to get around the small rural town of Shelbyville, Tennessee which I recently moved near by and really just wanted take it all in so as to get familiar with my new surroundings being new to the community and all. So I spotted one of the local Christian Book stores and decided to stop in. The first thing that caught my eye was smiling Joel Osteen in the front window, I should have stoped right there and just climbed back in my truck, but being a glutton for punishment I went on in. And yep there they were the names of the best known heretics and false teachers from the church growth movement, emerging church movement, Word Faith movement and even the New Age movement. This store was a Charismatics dream come true with the Charisma Magazine right as you walk in and Bishop T.D. Jake's big mug everywhere you looked not to mention other notable TBN All stars like, John Hagee, Joyce Myers, and more. I was floored don't know why but I guess I wasn't expecting such an onslaught of heresy in such a small town. One of the saddest thing for me was seeing the few books by John MacArthur that they did have sitting right next to books by Joyce Myers, oh how in the world can this private Christian retailer park to opposing theologies right next to each other and still sleep at night is beyond me. But it wasn't all bad there was even one Spurgeon book and several books about the Pilgrims, and the Reformation, Calvin, John Knox, Wesley and even a commentary by Matthew Henry, so there is hope or maybe it's just leftovers from glory days gone by? I also noticed that there weren't many books at all, it was more like a Christian Gift Shop with tons of wall decorations, plates, cards, Cd's, and pretty things to sit on the shelf. I guess the most notable outcry was the tiny display area laid out for Bibles, oh how sad that the Word of God has taken a back seat to such trivial stuff. Come Lord Jesus!

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