Friday, December 22, 2006

Fast Fish!

Today as I was coming home from work I payed close attention to a fish emblem on the back of a car and while looking at it I asked myself why am I not moved by it? What's the purpose of having one of these little emblems? I guess the person in the other car is trying to say to me and the rest of the world hey I am a Christian and I know it because I am not afraid to show it on the back of my car, well that's all good. But I see so many of these emblems every day blowing by me at 85 mph, or drafting behind me like it's the Daytona 500, flashing their headlights, and blowing the horn as if they were late for choir practice or something. (Oh don't let get me started on folks being late for church!) It's becoming increasingly more difficult for me, and I am sure others to give any credulity to these little fish decals because they really don't say anything; it's just a symbol that presupposes a message, unlike some Christian decals from days gone by that just simply said "Jesus is Lord". I found a quote where one woman describes why she puts one on her car. “I put the fish and the other 27 stickers on my car to show how faithful I am to the Lord,” she went on to say. “You know, for everyone who doesn't know that I head the church booster club, volunteer at the Sunday school, and baptize the mentally handicapped. Because everyone needs to know how secure my faith is.” She added, “I assure you, completely secure.” Wow, do I really need everyone to know how secure my faith is? I don't really know what I am trying to say in this piece, I guess if putting a little fish sticker on your car makes you feel better about your faith; hey go for it, but just remember it doesn't convince me when you cut me off at 85 mph.

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