Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Great Humbler

Thanks to Challies for the great post about the five points of Calvinism it's a must read.

The doctrine of unconditional election is the great humbler. We are humbled when we see that we must rest not in the person who wills to be saved, but in God who elects and who has the power to save. We remove all trace of pride, all trace of self-confidence, and rest in the sovereignty of God. We allow this humility to filter to all areas of our lives, for only by God and through God are we saved. We lower ourselves and lift God high. We are humbled, so God may be magnified and glorified. And we live in service to God out of gratitude that His amazing grace extends even to sinners like us -- sinners who would never and could never have chosen Him, but for His gracious and unfathomable choice. Read the full article here.

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