Monday, October 15, 2007

Reactions To Joel

In case you missed the 60 Minutes interview with Mike Horton regarding Joel Osteen, it's online now.

Reactions to the 60 Minutes interview around the Blogosphere
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Reactions to the “60 Minutes” Joel Osteen Piece
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What is Joel Osteen's message?
Flesh is as Grass -
His own private possession
Doctrines Unite -
Joel Osteen and “itching ears”
Tom in the Box -
New Study Reveals Good Looks = Bad Theology
De Regnis Duobus -
Thanks Anyway, But I'll Take My Best Life Later
Yinkahdinay -
Joel O. and Mike H.
The Shepherd's Scrapbook -
Kinder and Gentler Legalism
The Confessional Outhouse -
CBS wants more gospel?
The Bororean - Biblical Deceiver

Amazing Grey City - Joel Osteen is a gospel preacher like Col Sanders is an army officer
Steve Markle - Joel Osteen on 60 Minutes
Denny Burk - Joel Osteen’s Christianity without a Cross
Mark Driscoll - State of The Pulpit / Video
Calvinist sojourner - Westminster Seminary Professor on CBS' 60 Minutes Last Night


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