Friday, October 26, 2007


“The churches of our day are in the shape they are in because the teachers, preachers and religious leaders of our day are self-serving false prophets who fleece the sheep rather than feeding the sheep, men who serve their own lusts and line their own pockets, sacrificing the souls of men to the idols they serve. The contemptible religion practiced in our day (And the religion of our day is contemptible!) is the result of blind men following blind preachers in the practice of idolatry. These “diviners,” as God calls them, are men of whom God speaks plainly. He tells us that they are blind, without understanding. They turn each to their own way, each one seeking his own gain. They care nothing for the flock, but make merchandise of the souls of men. They pretend to be great soul-winners, but are really soul-destroyers. They do not search for lost sheep, but for unsuspecting souls that can be easily duped. They do not seek the salvation of men’s souls, but the money in their pockets. Feeding themselves, they fleece the sheep, and heal their wounds slightly, saying, “Peace, peace, when there is no peace!” They willingly distort the Revelation of God and proclaim as the truth of God the false dreams of their own depraved hearts.” —Don Fortner

Don Fortner is the senior pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Danville, Ky. Excerpt taken from a sermon titled False Dreams and Vain Comforts.

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