Saturday, November 10, 2007

Unequally Yoked

How should a Christian in a miserable marriage deal with an unbelieving spouse? I know that there are many Christian people who's spouse is an unbeliever and how hard it is to remain in that situation and there are a lot of tough questions to be answered. I found this great resource by John MacArthur at titled "How to Win Your Unbelieving Spouse" you can download the mp3 for $3.00 or read the transcript for free, I believe this is a powerful tool to help those who are truly struggling in a marriage with an unbeliever.

You see, a non‑Christian man married to a Christian woman doesn't know how fortunate he is because she's a child of God and God is pouring out blessing on her because she is so blessed and she is so enriched, he benefits. It doesn't mean he gets salvation through that means, it simply means outwardly in this life he is blessed.

He doesn't tell the woman to leave. Don't rebel, don't leave...stay and do all you can to win that husband. But if that husband wants out and leaves you, you're not under bondage anymore, the marriage is broken. Don't fight tooth and nail to hold it together thinking you're going to lead him to Christ in an uncomfortable, chaotic confused warlike environment. That's not productive.

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