Saturday, July 19, 2008

Absolute Fallacy

"Churching the unchurched is an absolute fallacy – it is like purposing to let the tares in. It is absolutely bizarre to want to make unsaved people feel comfortable in a church. The church is not a building – the church is a group of worshiping, redeemed, and sanctified people among whom an unbeliever should feel either miserable, convicted and drawn to Christ, or else alienated and isolated. Only if the church hides its message and ceases to be what God designed the church to be, can it make an unbeliever comfortable." —John MacArthur


dlytle said...

WOW! Excellent quote! Sadly the focus of all too many churches today is on getting the unchurched churched. When that is accomplished, you end up with the burden of making goats act like sheep. Of what eternal benefit is that?

The Bororean said...

Well there is no eternal benefit, plus you have to feed them goat food in order to get them to stay around and you can't get sheep to eat goat food so the flock ends up starving to death.