Monday, July 14, 2008

Sensitiveness to Sin

"No upsurge of religious interest or excitement merits the name of revival if there is no profound sense of sin at its heart. God's coming, and the consequent impact of his word, makes Christians much more sensitive to sin than they previously were: consciences become tender and a profound humbling takes place. The perverseness, ugliness, uncleanness, and guilt of sin are seen and felt with new vividness. Under revival conditions consciences are so quickened that conviction of each person's own sinfulness becomes strong and terrible, inducing agonies of mind that are beyond imagining till they happen. The gospel of forgiveness through Christ's cross comes to be loved as never before, as people see their need of it so much more clearly" —J. I. Packer


Greg said...

Very good, I think that applies to many of our outreach and witnessing efforts as well. It bothers me somewhat with all the theme related things we do in our churches to draw others in and then almost backdoor them with Jesus and His glorious work. There is no conversion without conviction, all else is purely emotion and that can be very dangerous.

The Bororean said...

Yea the old bait and switch, appeal to their sinful desires and then give them Jesus. The sad thing is most churches don't see anything wrong with that type of approach.