Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ecstatic Baptist? Part 3

Well it looks like the Babbling Baptist is crying foul again, you may remember when Arlington, Texas, pastor Dwight McKissic spoke out last August about his private prayer language or his so called ability to speaking in tongues, and the Southern Baptist community fired back with a Biblical response. Well he’s still talking. He said quote “They’re out of touch with the text and the times,” he said of denomination leaders who have taken an “anti-tongues” line. McKissic also complained of censorship, which just brings more attention to the subject as he tries to smear the denomination in the mainstream media for it's true Biblical view on speaking in tongues. As recently as Oct. 25, McKissic offered to resign, but in a recent interview he said that he changed his mind about resigning, based on encouragement. McKissic has made headlines in the past by leaving the Baptist General Convention of Texas before becoming a Southern Baptists. If Mr. McKissic wants to babble in an unknown tongue that by passes his mind, and puffs him up, please by all means go for it, but first please be sure to leave more headlines in the media about leaving another Baptists organization for a Church that is more in touch with the times. Read full article

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