Saturday, January 27, 2007

Modalism Revived

There has been a storm a brewing for sometime now within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). It seems that we have some within the SBC who are being blown around by every wind of doctrine to the point that they have actually invited false teachers in through the back door. I am referring to Pastor Ed Young and his upcoming Creative Church Conference 2007 (C3 2007) featuring Oneness Pentecostal Bishop T.D. Jakes. If your not familiar with this momentous occasion; that's OK because I am sure you will be able to see Pastor Young promoting his conference on TBN over and over before the conference deadline. Pastor Young is treading on some very dangerous ground by inviting Bishop Jakes into a SBC event, I don't believe he sees the error of this, nor do I think he really cares that Bishop Jakes has a flawed theological view on the Trinity. Jakes draws big crowds, and big crowds means cash money baby! Just look at the title of this conference; Creative Church Conference? What are they creating? Big bank accounts that's what! Anyway I was at A Puritans Mind and downloaded the podcast from the Wild Boar where Dr. Matthew McMahon gives a heads up on the topic of "Modalism Revived - TD Jakes". Check it out it's a very enlightening seven minute piece, he says quote "Peddle a false god and people will always come running. That’s why mega-churches exist. Give the people enough religion to satisfy them and they’ll come running and pack the house out. They’ll give money too in support of something that appeases them, and things that they like." That hit the nail on the head but my favorite quote comes at the end of the piece where Dr. McMahon says "The soul of a man would get more support from a Playtex bra than listening to T.D. Jakes peddling a false god, wise up America before it's to late." Personally I wish he had said wise up SBC.

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As an SBC pastor myself I have been following this for some time. This might be of interest to you: