Monday, January 01, 2007

Maverick Preachers

Download this sermon by John MacArthur titled "Twelve Consequences of Failing to Preach the Word" where he addresses The Master's Seminary back in 2003 and weighs in on the unattended consequences of not preaching the Word of God.

"One of the consequences of failing to preach the Word of God demonstrates pride and a lack of submission; it's a maverick mentality. I know that the Bible is there but the Bible is old and it's outdated and people don't like long sermon's and they don't want to hear what the Bible has to say, we hear so much of that going on today, so literally this is a lack of submission to the Word of God, so you fail to submit to the Farther, the Son, the Spirit and the Word. You do not train your people to submit to Biblical truth if you don't. If you literally are not conscience bound, duty bound, relentlessly bound to the teaching of the Word of God, then your conveying to your people your own lack of submission and like people, like priest. And if people won't submit to the Word of God then what in the world will they submit to."

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