Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Outstanding Resource

Just wanted to give a heads up to a great blog on the Internet that I have found to be an outstanding resource with a treasure of information on video, audio and great articles it's called "Recover The Gospel" located at, I highly recommend checking out the audio player on their site. I have already added this blog to my google reader. Thanks guys!!!

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Barrett said...

Hey John,
Thanks for the link and the plug...

I've read some of your stuff, and I can tell you that I've gone through a lot of the same. A church I attended through high school was very much into using secular songs as sermon intros. One Sunday, it was the theme song from Cheers, applying it to church "Where everybody knows your name". Another Sunday, it was the theme from Mad About You, for relationships. And I'm ashamed to say this now, but when I sang in the Youth band, I sang the theme song from Friends, for a youth group message on friendship.

Anyways, thanks again for checking out our site. I appreciate finding more Reformed brothers on the web, especially those with the grace I've seen you handle some comments with.