Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okaloosa or Bust!

If you start to wonder why I haven't posted in five or six days it could be that me and my wife will be laying around on the sunny beachs of Okaloosa Island, it's been almost ten years since the two of us have had a vacation without the children. Now that our youngest son has graduated high school and is working to save money for college he will be staying behind to tend to the house and the dog. Please pray for his safety while we are away from him and for us to have a safe and uneventful trip there and back. We praise God that we are able to spend this private time together in God's Word. The picture is an actual photo taken in front of the resort we will be staying at.

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John Edwards said...

Enjoy that pretty water! I have enjoyed your blog. I have recently left the Charismatic/Word of Faith Movement. I preached that message for nine years and have returned to my baptist roots. I enjoy learning from your blog and will pass it on. John Edwards