Sunday, June 10, 2007

Neither am I!

I must confess that I am often still frustrated with the Southern Baptist Convention! I tire of denominational politics and the liberal strongholds that most state conventions still operate under even today, I am nauseated by the fact that the "model church" that is being held up as the example by our denomination today is the seeker friendly model. It saddens and sickens me that by and large our denomination has forsaken the exposition of Scripture. I am also deeply troubled by our denomination's lust for numbers at almost any cost. I really do believe we have some threats looming in our denomination today that are far greater than what we faced in the 70's through the 90's.

But as I read of Southern Baptist men of the past.... as I read my Bible.... as I exegete Scripture I have made a wonderful discovery on my own.... to the core of my bone marrow I really am a Baptist! Not because of heritage or lineage but because of the Bible!

Fifteen years plus of exposition of Scripture has led me to the conclusion that the Baptist faith is New Testament Christianity! Fifteen years of exposition has affirmed my being a Baptist Fifteen years of diligent study of the Word of God has caused me to see why I am a Baptist. - Jonathan W. Sims, Pastor Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church

Charles Spurgeon once said, "I am not ashamed to take to myself the name Baptist." Neither am I!

Excerpt taken from "Membership Information Class Study Guide of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church", Shelbyville, Tennessee

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