Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This past Sunday me and my wife traveled to Oak Grove, Ky to participate in the grand opening of the new 400 seat sanctuary at First Baptist Church of Oak Grove. This is our church home where I was baptized and also where my wife grew up, this is a very small community who's focus as a church is to minister/witness to the soldiers and their families at Fort Campbell, Ky, this was a very exciting event as we reunited with brothers and sisters in Christ that we haven't seen in years. Brother John Walker who was the pastor at Oak Grove for fifteen years, and the pastor who baptized me and my wife was on hand with a testimony of dedication to the faith and evangelism from this small community that has effected lives all across this country for eternity. I was kinda taken back when we walked in the new building it's a beautiful sanctuary and it sure has come along way from the old camper they first occupied in 1954. I know some of you might be thinking that this might have turned into a Me Church, but nothing can be further from the truth we sang nothing but ole' hymns and Pastor Todd Gray brought a powerful message from Exodus chapter 15, my father in-law was the deacon who had the privilege of praying for the first offering in this new building and dedicated it to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Praise God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for First Baptist Church of Oak Grove, Ky. You can read the local news paper article about this event here.

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