Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pope and The Papacy

If it wasn't for copyright infringements I would post every John MacArthur sermon I have ever bought for you to download which is about 100 but Acts 24:16 teaches me to keep a clear conscience before God and men, with that said The Way of The Master radio has published one of my favorite sermons by John MacArthur on the subject of The Pope and The Papacy in two parts with some commercial and comment breaks. This is a powerful message that exposes the truth that is behind the Pope and his office and I am sure it will anger many.

"We must have no truce, no treaty with Rome. War! war to the knife with her! Peace there cannot be. She cannot have peace with us—we cannot have peace with her. She hates the true Church, and we can only say that the hatred is reciprocated. We would not lay a hand upon her priests; we would not touch a hair of their heads. Let them be free; but their doctrine we would destroy from the face of the earth as the doctrine of devils. So let it perish, O God, and let that evil thing become as the fat of lambs. Into smoke let it consume: yea into smoke let it consume away." - C. H. Spurgeon
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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