Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is It All About Me?

Chris Rosebrough over at A Little Leaven has a great post on a Superficial, Me-Centered Church Evaluation of 16 questions one should ask before joining a church by so-called pastor David Foster of The Gathering in Nashville, TN. This is classic narcissism comming right out of the pulpit. ( Full Article )

6. Does the music move me? - How me-centered and vain can you get?? So I'm supposed to show up at a church unannounced, expect to be given the VIP treatment and demand that the music move ME. What if I am only "moved" by opera music? Should I let the church know that I won't be back until they change the music to suit my 'moving' needs?" Here's a better question, "Does the music exalt Christ and what He accomplished for us on the cross or does it exalt me?"

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