Monday, July 30, 2007

Politics is not the Gospel

"God does not call the church to influence the culture by promoting legislation." — John MacArthur

I am constantly getting email from fellow Christians with political overtones trying to get me to sign some petition or a request for me to call my congressman or senator to complain to them about some bill that is on the table that will promote anti-Christian values, and so the main message I see Christians promoting today is for the cultural to be more moral instead of a call to repent and believe the Gospel. Are we really to be involved in such activities as believers in Christ? Is there a biblical example of this for us to follow? Actually there is a New Testament model to follow and its the Pharisees who make people "twice as much a son of hell". Now that's an example that I want to stay away from as much as possible.

John MacArthur has preached a sermon titled "
The Deadly Dangers of Moralism" I highly recommend that every Christian read this sermon or download it and listen very closely. Another fine article is by Phil Johnson titled "The Foolishness of Preaching the Gospel". Both of these messages highlight the dangers of trying to force the culture into producing a morality that is not by the Grace of God.

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