Saturday, August 04, 2007

Justification & Regeneration

Justification and Regeneration I picked up a copy of Charles Leiter's newest book titled "Justification and Regeneration" and I know I am not one to give a book review in detail but after reading the first two chapters I highly recommend this book to every believer in understanding these two fundamental Christian doctrines that seem to be an enigma to Modern Christianity. Paul Washer has written the forward and you can pick up a copy at HeartCry Missionary Society for only $9.00.

"In this work, Pastor Charles Leiter has done a great service to the Church in that he has taken two of the greatest doctrines of Scripture and two of the greatest miracles in the Christian life and explained them in simple language without loss of content. As I read through the manuscript of this book I was amazed at its simplicity and scope…Of particular interest to me was the setting forth of a proper view of regeneration…" - Paul Washer

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