Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The precise origins of the term "McChurch" are unclear, some say it's origins date as far back as to the early 1990s. Prominent media sources using other terms to describe a "McChurch" may include: "Hot Tub Religion", "Superchurch", "Megachurch", "Gone Las Vegas", "Christian Country Club", "MeChurch", "ChristCo," "Six Flags Over Jesus," "McJesus," "Fort God", "Religion Lite", "Fast Food Christianity" and "Krispy Kreme Christianity" and many more which all describe a bent toward a consumerism mentality within the evangelical Christian community.

Some elements of a McChurch may include the following: Gift shops, coffee shops, and other revenue-generating amenities incorporated into the main structure of the church building. Worship services focus on a presentation, via skits or music, and the messages are geared more to a motivational drive at the expense of doctrinal discussion. Placement in a suburban or exurban areas to attract an upper middle class clientele, in order to boost donations. Participation in other revenue-generating activities, such as selling curriculum materials or franchising. Despite these common elements, the term is understood differently by conventional (secular) and Christian sources which contend that a "McChurch" promotes socially conservative political philosophy or better know as the "Social Gospel". On the other hand, some Christian sources define a "McChurch's" theology as unduly permissive, especially with respect to sexual behavior, which also suggest a ploy to boost membership and donations. However you may perceive a "McChurch" It's quite clear that they have the same motive as it's counterpart "McDonalds" and that is to draw in the big CHA-CHING $$$.

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