Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Call To a Worldly Christianity

I just want to take the time to introduce to you Dr. Arturo Azurdia III who is the Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of Pastoral Mentoring at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, having attended the California State University at Hayward where he received a B. A. in Music Performance. His M. Div. was earned from The American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, California, and his D. Min. from Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California. He was the founding minister of Christ Community Church in Fairfield, California, where he subsequently pastored for 19 years.

I downloaded a sermon by Dr. Azurdia a few days ago from his website titled "
Spirit Empowered Preaching" and just got around to listening to it last night and I believe it to be such a profound message that I don't think I will ever be the same. The message is titled "A Clarion Call To A Worldly Christianity, Part 1". I highly recommend this message to every believer of course it may just be because of where I am in my walk and this message may not effect you the way it did me, but I don't think that's the case.

Download: "A Clarion Call To A Worldly Christianity, Part 1"

"God has placed you here as a mouth piece for Jesus Christ, and until you understand that my Christian friend you will never know your true purpose. You will walk through this life the way a great many older Christians do, incisively indulging in self pity because of the bummer of a life you think God has given to you."

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Anonymous said...

You know, after much disappointment from Evangelical Theologians, I have found that it is easy to deflect from the Word as we indulge in all sorts of teaching but hands down, Dr Azurdia has serious expository aptitude. May God Bless him and you and may we true continue with the love of Jesus!!