Saturday, September 22, 2007

Burden of Fear

The "Positive-Preacher" can be found today all across this country in every denomination with his ear tickling messages of becoming a better Christian at the expense of neglecting the "SIN" or "HELL" issue so as not to offend peoples consciences with a message of fear and condemnation. But is this popular trend of being a positive only preacher a true mark of a Christ-like preacher?

"Any theory which takes off the pressure of responsibility that rests upon every man, that removes from any man's conscience the burden that Christianity puts there, or lessens his feeling of the awfulness of sin, is unchristlike and dangerous. Christ placed the burden of fear on unrepentant men's consciences; and any one who takes off that burden of fear, is not Christ-like." —Henry Ward Beecher (1813 -1887)
Quote taken from The Sermons Of Henry Ward Beecher, Fifth Series 1871.

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