Thursday, September 06, 2007

Less-Than Prime!!!

This is an excerpt from an actual e-mail I received from a seeker-sensitive church. (Names have been changed).

Hello Church Family and Friends
On Easter Sunday, we'll have services at our normal times: 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 am with preschool activities during each service. Services will be held in our brand new 900 seat auditorium with an overflow option at the 9:30 service in "the Chapel (our former worship center)." Worship service will be led by the "Worship Band" with a special guest. While our new worship center will provide room for many more people, we still invite our regular attendees to arrive early for a bad parking spot and a less-than-prime seat. We're praying for a very large crowd on Easter with many guests. Since we "exist for non-members", please consider saving the best parking spot and seats for our guests (non-members) by parking in the more distant spaces and making sure guests don't have to sit in the overflow area. We are also providing a new opportunity for those not already involved in a small group to meet new people and find community in an exciting new environment. At 11:00 am in the Chapel, Dr. Smith will facilitate a discussion about Sunday morning's message.

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