Friday, September 21, 2007

Islamic Assumption

This post should draw some friendly comments. Over at Pulpit Magazine they have published a great article titled "Considering the Qur'an" which address the significant problems with the claim that Muslims make that "it is the Bible that has been corrupted. Hence, it is argued, the Jewish and Christian scriptures have been tainted, not the Qur’an".

"By it’s own admission, the Qur’an must be consistent with previous revelation from God. But it does not take long to see that the Bible and the Qur’an are not compatible. “It should come as no surprise to well-informed Muslims who know that, in the final analysis, the claims of Christianity and Islam are incompatible. This incompatibility is behind the Islamic assumption that, in one way or another, the Bible has been corrupted.” When it is demonstrated that the Bible has not been corrupted, both from textual evidence and from the claims of the Qur’an itself, it is the Qur’an—not the Bible—that is discredited."

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