Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mysterious and Glorious

I am reading The Glory of Christ by John Owen and I am finding it a wonderful study of the depths of Christ and His Glory. Here is what I read this morning in chapter six.

The glory of his obedience becomes more wonderful when we realize who he was who thus obeyed God. He was none other than the Son of God made man. He who was in heaven, above all, Lord of all, lived in the world, having no earthly glory or reputation, obliged to obey the whole law of God perfectly. He, to whom prayer was made, prayed himself night and day. He, whom all the angels of heaven and all creatures worshipped, fulfilled all the duties which the worship of God required. He who was Lord and master of the house became the lowliest servant in the house, performing all menial duties. He that made all men in whose hand they are all as clay is in the hand of the potter, observed among them the strictest rules of justice, in giving to everyone his due, and out of love giving good things to the undeserving. This is what makes the obedience of Christ so mysterious and glorious. —John Owen (1616-1683)
Quote taken from The Glory of Christ by John Owen, The Banner of Truth Trust; 1994 p. 54

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