Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Darwin Had No Clue!

A.E. Wilder-Smith in this book called The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory demonstrates the absurdity of evolution on the basis of one great reality and that one great reality is the encoded information in the DNA of living organisms. Did you get that? Every living organism has in it DNA. DNA is genetic material and on that genetic material in every living thing is a code and that is an operative code and that living organism, whether you're talking about a cell or whether you're talking about a large man and everything in between, all of that operation of every living thing is dependent on that encoded information. And listen to this, every different living thing has a completely different code.

Darwin had no clue about that. There was no genetic study when he wrote his Origin of the Species. He didn't know anything about DNA. He didn't know anything about chromosomes. He didn't know anything about genetics. It didn't exist as a science, he was just describing what he thought he was seeing. It was all according to appearance and nothing more. If Darwin had been alive today and try to sell his deal today, it never would fly, he wouldn't even believe it. He barely believed his own view, he certainly wouldn't have believed it in a day like ours when we have this incredible ability to go with electron microscope into the DNA and see the coded information in living organisms.

The entire realm of genetics, Wilder-Smith points out, is all about information, storage and retrieval was totally unknown to Darwin. Every living thing, if you're talking about before these flowers were cut, they were a living thing...this one is blue, this one is pink, and this one is orange, etc., because there's information in the DNA in the genetics that causes that to happen. That's a code of information in every living thing.

It has been discovered in recent years that the genetic programs of say higher biological organisms consist of about one-thousand-million bits of information. One-thousand-million bits of information in one living organism. And that information that is encoded in that living organism determines the nature, the growth, the development and the death of billions of cells in that living organism.

Now who, frankly, in his right mind could ever believe that such supremely complex machines, which is what living organisms are, storing and retrieving the precise information to service thousand million cells, diagnose defects and repair them and reproduce all developed at random by chance out of nothing? It's absolutely idiotic.

The big issue, that is bringing down evolution is the study of the origin of information, it's called the information theory. Where did the information come from? Where did the code come from? A monkey has a monkey code and the DNA and the chromosomes and the genetics just keep making the monkey behave like a monkey. There's no code in there to turn the monkey into a man. There's no such thing as jumping out of your species.

Where did this genetic information come from? Where did it come from? It couldn't evolve out of nowhere. It's too precise. Wilder-Smith says this, "Darwin's so-called gradualism postulated in the last analysis, all forms of biology were derived from a single, simple cell which by an unbroken series of small gradualistic changes gave rise to an unbroken chain of steps from the original cell up to man himself and biology was strictly continuous." This is just unbelievable and only a man in Darwin's time who didn't know genetics would ever come up with such a statement because if a one-celled thing, listen to this, developed into a man, then all the encoded information necessary to run that one-cell thing and to run everything from then on all the way up, including the man, had to be in the original cell. And if it wasn't in the original cell, then where did it come from? That's the question. It's ridiculous. They know that all of the encoded information to run every living thing in the universe is not contained in a one-celled amoeba. What is contained in a one-celled amoeba is the code for a one-celled amoeba.

This message was taken from a sermon preached at Grace Community Church, By John MacArthur Jr. It was transcribed from the tape, GC 90-209, titled "Creation: Believe it or Not - Part 2".

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